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Science, simply put, is the systematic study of nature. The scope of science in today's world is tremendous and we end up making science-based choices every day using collected knowledge, observation and experimentation. As a discipline, Science is vast, and making a career in this field of study is challenging as well as rewarding. After taking up Science in Higher Secondary, you can pursue a career in different fields of Science like Engineering & Technology, Medicine & Para-medicine, Pharmacy, Architecture and Pure Science.

However, these rewarding career options are placed within a fiercely competitive study environment. Students are facing stiffer performance pressures than ever before. This, combined with an evolving educational ecosystem, is bringing about drastic changes within the study and evaluation patterns for admissions into these rewarding career courses. Now with equal weightage to results across Board examinations and Entrance Examination, it is imperative for the student to perform to his best abilities all along the way.

It is also as important to build a strong foundation and be a champion at every stage. MT Educare understands this and has, therefore, created a specialized course for Science to help lay the best foundation for students' success. The dual expertise of Mahesh Tutorials Science for Board exams and Lakshya for Entrance exams, aims to revolutionise the way learning is perceived and teaching is delivered. Lakshya is a forum for competitions by IITians for IITians. Coaching at each step and each grade creates a strong link to the next level of IIT / Engineering / Medical entrance examinations and hence creates a seamless learning experience for the students. The modules are spread across a span of a student's crucial two years (XI and XII) in such a manner that they get ample time for study, revision and practice.

With experienced faculty, result-oriented content, intensive test-series (Boards + IIT JEE Main / Advanced / Medical Entrance) and 'Vedantu' - an online class outside the classroom, Mahesh Tutorials Science and Lakshya aim to create a profound impact on students' learning and achievements in the field of Science.

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