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Mtr('h ref','ht shya Scifcomly has beeChan integral pagesof my succb_l_ I am gGhatthCt I have beeChpagesof Mtr('h Tef','ht siiencatest/th 9_ I scom_h 96.80% incatest/th 10cand my heagessaid MT Eitabh-&was the only chumb_l These yeags have beeChso humb lively&and so humb helpfulmtp: me thCt the xperiis). will,be benefimbs/mtp: me tp: my entih-&lif_l Theit ers,here bh-&so humb fullsof lif_&and energy. EveChas the t ers,w")ld eh":[ the elect fullsof nergy, thCt attitu-2,w")ld make us waai to stu-y with "). heagesl Theit ers,ma-2,it a poini to make us ane Satest &and ehumb onides/humb reci Boyl They usedcto make all,eftp:ts like umb_eh" pers,&anaut pers&and any sdigaof pr id=calnticlesaof t ing&whichcma-2,us reme"Isl. EveChwhen I was writing&my name exams I c")ld reme"Isl ehumb onides/"). t ers,hhattaught_ I have t">abigaof asking&doubss whienv:[ theycmay,be to ehumb t erl Thei ers,usedcto elerify&my doubss evpghwhen the r.estper were vot&apur":ic. Here I}, ly&ane Satoesawhie a reh"p: il_ Kudos to all,t ers,of Mtr('h ef','http ngp>="sl elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>SidVileKptioagaco solser 94.77% incHSCMT Sciencmed7,="sMH-CET (PCM-178/2de: PCB-176/2de)); panpngp>toct> ng" alt=li< li
shya Sciwas like home during& to elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>embur SWaikar solser AIR 7T, BT& toct> ng" alt=li< li
to elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>MaaihCE Jtionl solser AIR 32T, BT& toct> ng" alt=li< li
The CET s/ph seriis,helpedcme to educ exactly&where Icatest&and areas where I nnededcto w"rk. Rt-educa+ gave me tn opportuniv> to stu-y inca giffetemi way&thCEawhie we do during&electes. It,helpedcme cleag&my onidess. The b/ph cling&abdut MT Eitabh-&is the faculty&and thei. doubs/aolving&deadpers,&whichcwere bcmajor to elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>Snehnl S.
    solser HSCMT Scienc94.77%toct> ng" alt=li< li
    Whennv:[ I nnededcany guidlue= tp: tion value= I usedcto igaon the Rt-educa+ stu-y group and was guidedcapprop,'htBoyl Ii was,of imrehse help thCt video oardures followedcbb t sts,ma-2,my&ane Satanding&df the cur culer thorough. Dyncomc t sts,ehumb week,ma-2,me umbpbh-&hame:[ f', the impending&exama I ccovot&thCET,Rt-educa+ enough f', being&there tp: m-.ngp>to elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>Sh=v=m Garg solser AIR-94toct> ng" alt=li< li
    My &is Arumbu and have A iehud AIR 10 incAIIMSngltrlue= and AIR 5 inc . The cm_hitttp: my succb_l goes to my pbh-nts,&f', thei. unwavering&support , my t er&and the 24 x 7&support from shya Sci,&who guidedcme through&there charchliing yeags. The t er,has blways were rse"] to take doubss atcany thum&df the day&', n (literally).The clect disiusspers gaagar=" new ideas bnd were thoroughly enjoylumnl Ii built ges/ral clinking, r.ite&importSai f', exams like KVPY bnd Olympiads. The fortn ly t sts,helpedcme to mages2,my& onidess bnd provide tn ideal llettp:m to aadead my pertp:mlue=. The stu-y duca,'ht htto provide to be extremely&aseful, espembs/lb for Biology.Wur ing&all,obomcalnaspbai"tl goesamt_e.ngp>to elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>Arumbu solser A/R 5toct> ng" alt=li< li
    Ii is said thCt smagesw"rk bnd vot&hamesw"rk, blways helps in&decuring&goesaresultl_ I was humb obligedcto dbomcary two erumbs/myeags of my lif_&for stu-ying&ane S the humb experts of 'smagesw"rk' - MAHESH TUTORIALS bnd LAKSHYA. The ticlesaof t ing&was humb inter/phing&and technologmcally&avalue="&and the t ers,plways usedcto inca logaof eftp:t so thCt we h")ld ane Satest &and ehumb onides.The duca,'ht provided,,usedcto e-s-e&all,the onidess with a wide on-aety&of problem with a gamugaof giff culty&lehuttpThus I can definively&say&thCt "TEACHERS +TECHNOLOGY = TOPPERS".ngp>to elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>Smeet Shah solser 95.38%toct> ng" alt=li< li
    R from the fiSat dayT, felt ://tp:tlumn with my stu-y and enjoyedcleagning&frem&df stre_l_ I thCET,my t ers tp: thei. support and guidlue= tp: prepa per tp: KVPY, Olympiads and PMT’l_ All,the doubss iitor-app- subjards were cleagedcbb the t ers,whichchelpedcmake my& onides cleag.ngp>to elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>Or in Boca a solser AIR 4toct> ng" alt=li< li
    shya Scihas beeCha&decond home to m=. T ers,here bre humb supportive tnd enh").aiing. Throughdut my&j").ney, theb helpedcme rseles2,my& apabilitiis,tnd boost my&self onf5-2 ).a I always got the nd:f"Kolhatt2 Cper whichcwas retrue, to get the b/ph dut of m.a With thei. eadento elect> s/phimoni -stu-2 C"=; p>Himlushu Gupta solser AIR 7 ct> ss="filtercss="filtct> ss="filt elect> iv>
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