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Mahesh Tutorials School Section

lakshya advantage

Handholding at every turn.

Personal doubt sessions and academic counselling sessions at Lakshya gave me the constant support of my teachers. Thus I could assimilate the course content smoothly and also got the guidance for high-stress examination, test strategies, subject improvement techniques, etc.

Been there, done that!

The best thing I loved about the teachers of Lakshya is that they themselves were IITians. Their first-hand experience of cracking the entrance exams helped me a lot in creating my own path of success. Being the mentors by choice, they made learning very interesting. They brought to the table their own live examples of IIT days, it’s the things like that which made being a part of Lakshya family very special.

Studying with Robomate

Having such great teachers always by your side, 24/7 would help us a lot, but that sounds too much to ask, right? No, anything is possible at Lakshya! Robomate makes it possible. It has recorded lectures of best teachers of Lakshya for us to revise anytime, anywhere!

Aiming for the best

Lakshya have these various counselling and motivational sessions that made me realise my true potential. It also catered to my emotional needs and helped me in keeping my stress levels under control with various techniques like Yoga, Meditation and other stress management techniques.

Magic Mantras

“Become Independent of us!” this Mantra helped me going the distance. I was my biggest competition. I no longer thought of ranks. I diverted all my efforts only in getting better day by day, crossing my own previous best and setting goals, breaking benchmarks was my only motto. My teachers gave me a well-planned schedule and the regular testing enabled me to crack the JEE Main with a score of 335/360.

Three pillars of success.

My academic success is based upon three most important pillars. First, of course me and my dedication, secondly, my guide, Mahesh Tutorials Lakshya and third, my parents, they were my biggest inspiration, they kept me motivated at every step without which, bagging all India rank 6th in JEE ADVANCED with a score of 316/360 would not have been possible.

This was just one story, but there are many-many more...